30 Minutes is all you need!

woman_kickingThe 30 Minute Warrior® Fitness Circuit for Women & men is broken down into 15 unique stations.  It incorporates easy to follow exercises used by kickboxers, grapplers, mixed martial arts competitors and boot camps.  And it is supported by our cutting edge 30/30 Fueling System™.

Each 30 Minute Warrior® exercise is 2 minutes long beginning with a warm-up, and then rotating target muscle groups before finishing off with a cool down stretch. And the nice part about it is that you control your workout at every level!

The 30 Minute Warrior® routine has a number of levels that will help you meet every fitness challenge.  It can be adjusted regularly to keep your fitness exercise program both challenging and interesting. 30 Minute Warriors never get bored!

So if you are looking for a better way to stay healthy and fit, let us show you what the 30 Minute Warrior® program can do for you.

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