60 Day Challenge

"Make 2017 your healthiest year ever!"

tm-60The 30 Minute Warrior® - 60 Day Challenge is your opportunity to Kick-Start-Your-Health for 2017 by taking part in a challenge that will shape your lifestyle for the years to come.  The 60 Day Challenge will help you:

1)      Set a 60 Day Goal to improve your health and overall wellness, whatever that goal may be.

2)      Provide the opportunity for you to tune up your body in a convenient time frame.

3)      Give you an easy new way of eating designed to help you create the healthy body you want for life! We call this our 30/30 Fueling System™ (including easy- to-create recipes).

4)      Stay focused and on track as you work towards your goal.

5)      Reward you for reaching your 60 Day Target.

6)      Help you re-set your targets to extend your journey to optimal health!

For more information on the 60 Day Challenge, and to register for your FREE TRIAL CLASS please contact one of our 30 Minute Warrior® Training Centers by visiting our Locations page.

May your best goal WIN!