30/30 Fueling

Contrary to common belief, body weight is 75% what we eat and 25% what we do.  So if you are putting all your effort into exercise, you might very well be disappointed with the results.

woman_wrapThe 30/30 Fueling System™ is our nutritional trademark and was designed to help our 30 Minute Warriors make gradual changes to their current food and beverage consumption in order to develop optimal nutritional consumption.  To achieve that, 30 Minute Warriors learn to how to fuel their activities rather than adhere to a prescribed restrictive “diet”, paying special attention to the effects of what they consume have on them in terms of body shape or size, as well as providing a sense of vitality and overall wellbeing.  30/30 stands for 30 minute high-intensity workouts with a 30 meal a week plan set out over 6 days.   Day 7 is your flex day where pretty much anything goes.

Our 30/30 Fueling System™ is available to all 30 Minute Warriors.   Contact your nearest 30 Minute Warrior® centre to find out how you can gain access our cutting edge-system!  Just use the handy locator on our Locations page.